Copy web pages to #OneNote in one click with OneNote Clipper

If you are a OneNote user, you will, someday, definitely need to copy and paste information from a web page. Although the good old Ctrl+c – Ctrl+v (copy and paste) works, there’s a better way to clip a piece of a web page to OneNote: Clipper!

What is OneNote Clipper?

OneNote Clipper is an add-on to your web browser that allows you to copy and paste a web page or a piece of it right into OneNote. It exists for most browsers, including Safari, meaning, yes, it works on a Mac! (Sad though it does not work on Opera).

For Windows 10 users: if you are using Microsoft Edge, you will need to update to Windows 10 Anniversary Update to have the Edge version that allows extensions!


With one or two clicks, select what you want to copy – in the example above, the article – and where you want to copy it – which section in which notebook, then clip it! You now have this article in OneNote as shown below.

OneNote online showing clipped article

Setting up Clipper

How do you get Clipper? Nothing simpler! Go to and click the button Get OneNote Clipper.


The setup procedure depends on your browser, but should be fairly easy to follow. Seconds later Clipper is setup in your browser.


The last step is to get identified so that Clipper gets access to your OneNote notebooks. Click on the Clipper button or link (for IE), then choose to sign in with a Microsoft account or an Office 365 one (provided by your work or school).


One signed in, you’re good to go!

Using Clipper

Once setup, Clipper is accessible through an add-on (in most browser) or a link in the Favorites bar in Internet Explorer. Below is the Clipper add-on icon in Firefox.


Once you are on a page you want to paste in OneNote, follow those four simple steps:

  1. Click the Clipper icon or link
  2. Choose between Full page (the exact web page), a region (a rectangle that will be pasted as an image), the article (the text of the web page with basic formatting) or the bookmark (the link to the page) – You will see a preview so you have a fairly good idea of what your OneNote clipping will look like
  3. Choose the Notebook and the sectionsnip_20161012192638
  4. Click Clip


You can immediately view the result in OneNote by clicking the View in OneNote button. This will open a new tab in your browser and fire OneNote Online.


After a couple of seconds, or minutes depending on the speed of your connection, the page will appear on your local OneNote.


If you have this OneNote notebook on other devices, they will all synchronize and you’ll be able to read your article offline at any moment on any of your devices.

To conclude, the OneNote Clipper is a simple tool that allows to quickly paste articles or web pages directly to one of your OneNote notebooks. Since it exists for almost all browsers and platforms, it would be a pity not to take benefit of it if you are a OneNote user, which I deeply encourage you to become!

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