Office Lens, the ideal companion to #OneNote

We are all confronted to situations where we need to scan a document, keep notes taken on a white board or just include a picture in our notes. It’s very easy to use the camera of our phone to do this. However, a picture has many disadvantages, like its format, its size or just the fact it’s in your picture folder and not integrated with the notes you’ve just taken in OneNote. Office Lens is the solution to those disadvantages.

What is Office Lens?

In a nutshell, Office Lens is a tool that transforms your mobile camera in a powerful scanner that integrates seamlessly and effortlessly with Office. This means you can scan a document, a whiteboard or a business card, or just take a picture and include it directly into Word, PowerPoint or OneNote for instance. Of course you may wonder why needing an app where the camera of your phone and laptop can do the same! Well the app has a twist: it straightens the image of the documents.

First, the app detects automatically the document: it draws a white rectangle around the document to scan.

Second, it straightens and cleans it, to enhance its quality. It’s ready to save it as a PDF or include it into OneNote

Installing Office Lens

The good news is Office Lens exists on almost all platforms: Windows Phone, Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows PC. You just have to go to the store of your platform and look for Office Lens. Below is the app in the Apple Store on an iPhone.

Office Lens and OneNote

Although you can save your scanned documents to PDF, as a picture or send it by email, you can insert them into Word, PowerPoint and OneNote.

The OneNote option is the most important to me when I come to a document that I want to keep along with my notes. Once you chose OneNote, you can give the document a name, the app will then create a new page and insert the picture you’ve just taken.

Office Lens is a simple and powerful application that can transform your business cards, documents or whiteboard into a clean picture that can be inserted in your OneNote or other apps. Much more convenient that the normal camera app!

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