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PowerPoint is the tools of the Office suite designed to create and deliver digital presentations. It’s very easy to add bullet points, various texts and a variety of shapes to enhance slides. It’s also very easy to insert pictures, coming from the web or from your own collection. If it’s common knowledge that a picture is worth a thousand words, you will see below how to use PowerPoint to create pictures from slides, in a matter of one click.

There are two ways to create pictures from slides. If the results is an image file, the content of this file will be slightly different between the two methods. Let’s look at them.

Saving a PowerPoint slide as a picture

The first way is simply to do a File, Save or Save As and chose from the Save as type drop down a picture file format, like in the screen shot below, JPEG.

PowerPoint Save As dialog box showing picture file type

Note you can create GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, Bitmap, and WMF.

Whether your presentation contains one or more slides, PowerPoint will ask you if you want to create one picture per slide or just the slide that was on screen when you click File, Save.

PowerPoint Dialog box asking whether to save on slide or all slides as picture(s)

If you chose All Slides, PowerPoint will create a folder, naming it the File name you chose in the previous Dialog, and will create one file per slide, naming each Slide followed by its number in the slideware.

If you chose Just This One, PowerPoint will create one file with the name you chose in the previous Dialog.

Saving just the selection as picture

In the previous method, the whole slide is saved as a picture. But what if you would like to save only a part of a slide, for instance only what you select?

  1. Select what you want to save as a picture (you can use Ctrl-A if you want to select the whole content of a slide)
  2. Right-click you selection
  3. Click Save As Picture
  4. You will now get to input your file name and choose its format. Note that the list is limited to picture format now.

Differences between the two methods

Saving the presentation (whether you choose one slide or all the slides) as a picture, saves each full slide as a picture. If, like in the example below, the background of the slide appears around the content, the background will appear in the picture.

An example of a full PowerPoint slide saved as picture

Now, if I had just selected the photo and the text, and had applied the Save As Picture method, I would only get what I selected as the picture content.

An example of a selection saved as picture

Both methods have their merits, both are easy to create enhanced pictures with text or just use PowerPoint to create cool pics.

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