Posting to your blog from Word

Did you know Word can be a blog editor? Actually, it may be one of the most powerful blog editors since its word processor engine has been on the market for more than 25 years. Blogging from Word is straightforward, including the initial setup if you are using one of the supported blogging platforms: SharePoint, WordPress, Blogger, Telligent and TypePad. Not that you cannot post to other platforms, but setting up Word to publish to those ones will be fully automated.

  1. Write your blog post
  2. Go to File, Share, Post to Blog, then click the button Post to Blog. Note this is different from Post to Social Networks that exists as well and support Twitter and Facebook.
  3. You will then be asked to setup Word to it can publish to your blog platform with your account. 3 simple actions:
    1. Register your blog account. This is necessary for Word to know where and how to publish.
    2. Choose first your blogging platform. If it’s one listed, everything will take less than a minute. If it’s not listed you may need to setup the platform and it may requires extra steps.
    3. Input your URL, account and password so that Word can detect details of your blog
    4. After Word warns you that people may see what you are about to send – hey you are on the Internet –, everything should be smooth and setup is over. Easy, isn’t it?

It’s always possible later on to change the settings of your blog if you were, for instance, to change the user and/or the password. You can now post to your blog. Note that Word will load a new menu item called Blog Post and will actually reduce the menu bar to just two main items: Blog Post and Insert. It reflects the capabilities of the blogging platforms.

Once your blog post is over, you can publish or publish as draft if you want to modify or publish it later, by clicking the Publish button in the Blog Post menu. Note that you may want to add Categories if you have some on your blog so it will categorize your post for enabling search and sort.

Voilà. Word is now setup for blogging. One final point: when you want to create a new blog post, now Word is setup, you just have to go to File, New and choose the Blog Post template. It will automatically load the right menu bar to get you right ready to write your post.

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